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DoveOs Widgets Pack For WIDGY App iOS

Ahmad Ansari
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Hello Guy's Here I Present My New Widgets Pack for Widgy App iOS

New Update With Added 4 New Big Size Widgets Now it's have 38 Beautiful and Minimal Styles Widgets including all Sizes More Sizes and update continue thanks

1) download Widgy App from Apple App Store

2) Download MixOs file extract it on your iPhone

3) open Widgy App press left side option choose import Widgets

4) Salect all file of MixOs Widgets when you download and extract it

5) after import all widgets

6) press you iPhone home screen and wait when is gone jiggle mode

7) Salect Widgy widgets Big size

8) then choose widgets which one you want to used

9) Now you have Done it

⬇️⬇️ NOTE ⬇️⬇️

If you have any issues then search on YouTube how to used Widgy widgets on iPhone

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DoveOs Widgets Pack For WIDGY App iOS

6 ratings
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